2017 Competition

Hong Kong Primary and Secondary Schools First Ever Board Game Competition allows pupils to experience the experiment and enjoyment while playing matches with others.

To achieve the Winner title, players have to win several games by using their skills. Since each match only last for 30 mins., players have to be highly concentrated during the game and to take turns to place their move within 15 sec.
In 15 minutes of every match, competitors need to show a high level of concentration and finish every step in 30 seconds. They have to accomplish an accurate planning in a blink of eye.

There were over 300 students participated in the competition and the matches were fierce. The following are the Winner for each category.

  • Quoridor Secondary School Champion – CHEUNG TANG CHI DANNY
  • Quoridor Secondary School 1st Runner-up – MENG ZIJUN
  • Quoridor Secondary School 2nd Runner-up – FONG SZE CHIT
  • Quixo Secondary School Champion – TANG CHING LONG
  • Quixo Secondary School 1st Runner-up – CHEUNG KIT KI
  • Quixo Secondary School 2nd Runner-up – ALEX WONG
  • Pylos Secondary School Champion – WONG TSZ LONG
  • Pylos Secondary School 1st Runner-up – CAI FENG YAO
  • Pylos Secondary School 2nd Runner-up – PAU CHI PANG
  • Quarto! Secondary School Champion – CHAN HEI YIN
  • Quarto! Secondary School 1st Runner-up – LEE CHUN KIT
  • Quarto! Secondary School 2nd Runner-up – LAU MING LAM
  • Quoridor Primary School Champion – CHAN LOK HEI
  • Quoridor Primary School 1st Runner-up – QIAN ZHA BILL
  • Quoridor Primary School 2nd Runner-up – ZENG HAU TAK
  • Quixo Primary School Champion – TO WING CHI
  • Quixo Primary School 1st Runner-up – WONG KOON HIN
  • Quixo Primary School 2nd Runner-up – LIU HO YIN
  • Pylos Primary School Champion – CHAN YUI KAN
  • Pylos Primary School 1st Runner-up – CHU WING YAN
  • Pylos Primary School 2nd Runner-up – CHUEUNG AN BON
  • Quarto! Primary School Champion – LEUNG CHUNG WING
  • Quarto! Primary School 1st Runner-up – WANG HEI TO
  • Quarto! Primary School 2nd Runner-up – CHUI HO PAN

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