The Gameplan Story

About Gameplan

Gameplan was formed by M&S International (HK) Ltd to import and market family educational board games that are fun to play and easy to learn. Our goal is to provide quality games that entertain, educate and enlighten, while promoting positive social interaction for all ages.

Our Philosophy

In the fast-paced, electronic age of today, Gameplan games help slow the pace by providing a positive meeting ground for parents and kids to spend time together playing. In examining the value of family game playing, we discover merits that won’t quickly be replaced with electronics.

Let’s face it, video games, the Internet, and the 20 plus TV and cable channels all compete for our valuable leisure time. However, board games have been popular for generations due to their positive social attributes and we believe this will continue as families, especially parents rediscover how a new and innovative board game can provide fun-filled hours of enjoyment for their families and friends, making family-oriented educational board games an important part of our popular culture.

If you think about it, all board games are educational. To play them we have to read and understand the rules, develop strategies, and in many of the games on the market today, decide whether we’ll play competitively or cooperatively. In addition, when we play board games, we’re developing important social skills: taking turns, sharing, developing patience, practicing diplomacy, and understanding sportsmanship, whether it’s learning to be a gracious winner or a stoic loser. Families and friends can reinforce the learning process as they sit around a table, facing each other, looking each other in the eye. Parents can assess their children’s character building needs while playing board games with them. Electronic games don’t usually provide that level of group interaction. All the other players will be surprised at the other information that is volunteered around the table during a game. In other words, board games are great communication tools to help families stay in touch.

Parents who want quality time with their children are delighted when they find a game that also helps the child in school, or that furthers his existing interest in a topic. Educational games hold the interest of all players, even when the age groups spans two or even three generations.

Educational games can also provide a helpful distraction when a parent or a teacher needs to help a child improve in a specific area – math for example. A parent can help a child practice needed math skills by playing a game that is dependent on both skill and luck instead of drilling with dreaded flash cards. Both parties will be amazed with the speedy progress possible accompanied by smiles rather than tears.

Games that teach us allow us to “kill a number of birds with one stone.” We spend quality time with our children when we play with them. We share with them the importance of learning, and we demonstrate that learning is life long. We, the grown-ups, don’t know everything. By playing informative games with our children, we’re refreshing our own store of knowledge while we share in an important way with them. And best of all, we’re having fun — together!

Thank you for your support of our products. We value your business and will work hard to ensure your satisfaction.

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