Board Game to Temper Life with Practical Intelligence

Nowadays mobile games are popular, but there are still many people who love to play board games to train and think through the game and improve emotional control.

[Reported by Sing Tao Daily] Nowadays mobile games are popular, but there are still many people who love to play board games to train and think through the game and improve emotional control. Recently, an organization hold the “First Ever Board Game Competition” to encourage students get out of the virtual world. Through the actual combat board games, students can improve problem-solving ability, and actively deal with adversity!

Text: Ki To: Chan Titkung, Xinhua News Agency

Facilitate face-to-face communication

“Many kids nowadays play mobile games, and we want to tell the next generation that it is really interesting to play the board games. IQ and EQ in the process are somehow helping to enhance the ability of students to solve problems.” Jacky is a board game enthusiasts, also the business development manager in “Gameplan”. This is the first of four board games to be used in the “First Ever Board Game Competition”, jointly organized by “Gameplan”, the “Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong” and “Teach Unlimited Foundation”, including “Quixo”,”Pylos”,”Quoridor”and “Quarto!” which are carefully selected for primary and secondary students. “I hope that through board games, IQ and EQ of different kinds of categories could be trained among adolescents, and to enhance their resistance to stress and improve tolerance. “

“When you play boards games, you only have to deal with chessboards and opponents. Just as everyday life is difficult to handle, it is often a battle alone and you have to find a solution to the problem yourself. And in the course of your game of chess, you unconsciously enhance your abilities; for example The game “Quoridor”, through the two players’ interception, it will help enhance the players’ insight and strategic thinking; for “Quarto!”, it will have to find out the common elements of the cylinder, observation, discernment and hand-eye coordination.”Jacky added that playing boards games can improve direct face-to-face communication, whether it is to interact with classmates to promote friendship or parent-child play.

Enhance patience and thinking

Once a math teacher, Victor, who has held the Puzzle Game seven years ago, is currently working at the K-square at Puzzle Game. In the past, he was educated under formal education and is now getting along with the students in the form of games. According to Victor, these difficult games and even the most helpful to help make children understand the truth of life. “Now it is popular to say “win at the starting line”. In fact, You can adjust your mentality. It’s about life. Like every game is full of variables. In lieu of winning and losing, you can afford to lose and learn from mistakes. At the same time, there are too many sudden changes in a game and you need to know how to deal with it.”

It is Victor’s revelation to children that life are as same as chess. And he is convinced that playing chess can enhance the concentration of children. “Many children sit uncertainly when they are in school, but when they try to catch chess, they gradually stop and think. During the process of playing, their concentration is gradually increased from fifteen minutes in the beginning, to thirty minutes. Obviously, to catch chess is a good way to enhance patience!”