Inventor’s Corner

Dear gamer/inventor,

You have the chance to invent your own board game and get it published by Gameplan! Here is what you’ll need to know about designing your own board game.

What’s the Game Plan?

Ideas for your game can come from everywhere. Talk to your friends and family. Make sure it’s not a copy of another existing game as it must be your own work. Focus on your game idea and then decide the object for your game which will tell players what they have to do to win.

Write down the rules!

Write down a few basic rules of how to play your game: how to get started, how to move, how to win and so on. You should feel free to change the rules as you design your game and test it with other people.

Design the board and make the pieces!

Make a list of items that you’ll need to play your game. You don’t have to make the game pieces, just use things you find at home, for example, you can make moving pieces out of paper.

Play test!

Playing a game many times will tell you what people like about your game and what they dislike about it.