Shenzhen International Children’s Educational Supplies and Equipment Exhibition

Shenzhen International Children’s Educational Supplies and Equipment Exhibition (Referred to as: CEE 2017). In the exhibition will mainly exhibit the preschool education products, kindergarten daily necessities, educational toys, children’s books, the kindergarten facilities, decorations, informational products for education, early education institutions’ achievement, etc.

Since the full implementation of two-child policy, the National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China has done some census. Statistics show that compared to the same period of 2015, the births in the first half years of 2016 rose by 6.9%, among which the second child accounted for more than 40%. It has been estimated that the baby boom’s consumption dividend will last for at least five years, and stimulate the expansion of kindergarten market for at least eight years.

These years, the Post-85s and Post-90s have successively grown up and become parents. Their views on education are no longer just raising a child, but never let their kids lose at the starting line. According to the data statistics, education spending has accounted for over 15% of the urban household consumption expenditure, especially on preschool education. In 2007, the admission rate of China’s kindergartens was only 45%, in 2015 it has been increased to 75%. In 2015, the preschool education spending reached 385.2 billion yuan, and it is expected to reach 593.8 billion yuan in 2020. If combined with the national pre-school education expenditure, family pre-school education consumption and social capital investment, it is expected that the overall size of the industry will reach 1183.2 billion yuan in 2020.

Shenzhen, as the first special economic zone established under China’s reform and opening-up policy, has become an international metropolis, created a world-renowned “Shenzhen speed”. CEE 2016 has achieved a complete success relying on the great geographical advantages of Shenzhen, as well as the joint efforts of all parties. Therefore, CEE 2017 will make full use of the experience and advantages of 2016 to help grasp the new trends of the kindergarten industry, and build the first brand exhibition in south china education field.

This time, there will be hundreds of preschool education media advertising on the “CEE 2017” exhibition through videos, pictures, characters and other means for publicity. At the same time, we will print 600 thousand tickets. Through the domestic and foreign professional buyers database, we will sent these tickets to professionals. In addition, we will invite the official visitors, trade visitors,

experts to visit and provide suggestions through various trade associations, education committee, organizations. Besides, the organizer has proposed to contact preschool television channel, such as Dailyss, Shenzhen News, Shenzhen Evening News, Shenzhen daily, Southern Metropolis Daily and other media to broadcast the “CEE 2017” exhibition and hold a press conference to promote new products. CEE 2017 is expecting for your coming!

Exhibition Name:Shenzhen International Children’s Educational Supplies and Equipment Exhibition 2017

Show Dates: Nov. 24th-26th, 2017

Venue: Shenzhen Convention& Exhibition Center

Organizers:Shanghai Kuozhan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd