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Customer Review Guidelines

Gameplan is pleased to offer this mechanism for sharing your comments with other gamers, and we thank you for your participation!

We’d like to ask reviewers to follow these guidelines when writing reviews:

  • Please focus your review on the game itself, and avoid writing reviews which focus solely on the designer or manufacturer. Also, please do not submit one-word reviews-we’d like to know whether you like or dislike the game, and why. Do feel free to mention other games that share similarities to this one, and to draw comparisons to them.
  • Since the content of the page and positions of reviews on the page are subject to change, please avoid including commentary about other reviews or game descriptions seen on the page.

Please also respect these important restrictions:

  • We ask that you not submit reviews from other sources or include passages from other sources which would violate the copyrights of others.
  • We also ask that you not include the following in your review, or we will be unable to post your comments:- Foul or otherwise offensive language.
    • Spiteful remarks.
    • Email addresses, URLs, and phone numbers.
    • Prices, availability, or alternate sources.
  • Designers, publishers, and distributors are not eligible to submit reviews of their own games. We do encourage game designers to submit commentaries about their games to info@gameplan.com.hk. These submissions will be posted in a special section titled Designer Commentary.
  • Please do not submit multiple reviews of the same game.
    • If you would like to make a revision to a review you’ve already submitted, please write to info@gameplan.com.hk and we will be happy to append or adjust your original review.
    • We are happy to post negative reviews for a game, as we feel that customers should know everything they can about a game before purchase. However, reviewers attempting to falsely skew the average review score for a game by submitting multiple reviews will not be tolerated. Any abuse of the review system is unfair to everyone-all submissions from any such individuals will be removed.
  • At this time, we can only print reviews submitted in English.

A few words about your name and email address:

  • When submitting your review, please include a valid email address. We will only use this address if we need to contact you about your review-it will never be made available to any other company or individual for any purpose, but if you check the Display with review? box, it will be visible to other site visitors.
  • Submitting your name with your review is optional. If you do choose to include your name, this will enable other visitors to the site to search for other reviews you have submitted-but be aware that using your first name only (especially a very common first name) will make it more likely that others’ reviews will be confused with your own if someone else also uses that name. If you do not wish your name to be listed, you may leave this box blank or uncheck the Display with review? box and A gamer will be displayed in place of your name. If you would like for your reviews to be searchable but don’t want to list your real name, we prefer that you use a pen name instead of a handle.
  • We reserve the right to limit display of handles, and of reviews submitted without valid email addresses.

All submitted reviews become the sole property of Gameplan.

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